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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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course of the day. so if you have sunshine at your house right now, clouds are moving in shortly and with it scattered showers. again this is not holding together as it moves on through. so just some scattered showers in the afternoon forecast. let's look at these mild temperatures. 54 degrees right now at reagan national. not a bad start at all. fredericksberg 58. 58 at patuxent naval air station. 60 in ocean city. 55 in winchester. our afternoon high temperatures are going to soar into the mid to upper 60s. how about 67 degrees for an afternoon high. increasing clouds out there and whammer and i mentioned the possibility of a couple of showers. winds out of the south and west at 5-10 miles per hour. more details on the forecast and we'll look ahead to thanksgiving in just a couple of minutes. tony, back to you. we start this hour with developing tensions off south korea this morning. north korea fired on an island
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near the western seaboarder killing two south korean soldiers and injuring 16. amateur video caught thick black smoke rising from the island. dozens of buildings caught fire after north korea fired the artillery berrage. south responded by scrambling f 16 fighter jets and firing 80 shells back. south korea said there could be north korean casualties from the fire. it is the most serious border clash since the korean war. president obama and russia are condemning the overnight attack. this strike comes after the u.s. refused to resume talks with the north over the nuclear program. the white house said talks will not start up again while north korea is working and a new uranium enrichment program. and an enjoy was sent to the -- an envoy was sent to discuss
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the decision with chinese officials. holiday travel underway this morning. people leaving for the thanksgiving weekend. >> from the roads to the skies there are issues to prepare for. >> at the airport the tsa is pleading with holiday travelers not to participate in national opt out day scheduled for tomorrow. the campaign is urging people to protest the patdowns and scanning at airport security. officials worry that all of this concern about privacy could cause delays at dozens of major airports. tsa is saying they won't be mistreated and that the administration is aiming to strike a balance between privacy and security. >> what we agreed to do is look at how we can do this type of screening. if we can do it less invasively has been the request, then i'm open to doing that. the evolution of the security will be done with the input of those that go through the security.
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>> according to the tsa, 34 million travelers have gone through check points since the new procedures were rolling out november 1st. less than 3% have been patted down. but it's not just the security screening that you need to be aware of if you are traveling this holiday weekend. industry insiders say concourses are getting crowded earlier than ever with thanksgiving travelers. and joining us now from reagan national is lucy gadsick with travelocity. >> good morning. >> are we expecting the hordes of people to get out of town on the same exact day. we talk about the busiest travel day of the year. >> yes, it is the busiest travel week of the year. we are expected 1 million more travelers this year than last year. so i think the best tip that we can give all travelers is to leave enough time. leave enough time for lines, when checking in and at security check points and save time by doing war you can online before you get to the airport. >> and you say have your i.d., your boarding pass ready.
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we've lived with these measures long enough now to have those things in the back of our minds, but could you remind us what we need to have at the ready? >> so have your boarding pass and i.d. ready definitely. it's great to dress for security properly, have shoes to slip on and off. avoid wearing belts or heavy jackets or a lot of layers that you might have to remove. when you get if line for security, take that laptop out before you get to that line. like i said, be sure to leave enough time so you're not rushing. when we rush we get nervous, we get frustrated and that's what brings a lot of problems on when we're in those lines. >> we often think of christmas or hahn akah as the give-giving holidays. but you are reminding us not to wrap presents though? >> don't wrap your presents. if you can ship any presents before you travel it's a great way to save luggage space and that will save you time in the long run when you can avoid checking your bags when you get
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to the airport. if you can carry on, that will save you some time at the pick- up. >> and you say be ready to be screened. and we talked about that with the type of shoes you wear and also the belts, the amount of jewelry you have on. you said be ready to be screened? >> be ready to be screened and be ready to cooperate. i think patience is the key here. patience and respect. if that's what we want from the tsa, i think that's what we have to give them and i know they're willing to give travelers patience and resect so we should be willing to give them the same. >> you say be ready it be screened. that's a part of traveling today as well. which is so interesting with what they're trying to do online for those that feel like security has gone too far. in the meantime if you go through the lines, by -- be ready to be screened. and you say pack food items. >> pack food items in your luggage. remember the 311 rule, that's the base here. remember to put things in
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ziploc bags. airport officials are willing to help you out with the ziploc bags. they have them here at the entrance to the security line. anything you can pack is better to keep packed and it will save you time in the long run. >> and travelocity is a great site and i go through to figure out the hotels and the cheapest flights and that kind of thing, but where should we go to check online to see about flights being on time and that kind of thing? >> you can check on the windows sheet and check on travel ocity or the windows blog. >> lindsey, we appreciate you being. there it's a nice back drop as we talk about getting out of town. lucy is with travelocity. happy holidays to you. >> thank you and happy holidays as well. >> tony. now to the roads. if you are driving, be prepared to spend more money to fill your tank. gas prices are the highest they've been in more than six months. average prices now $2.89 a gallon and that's 21 cents
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higher than it was in august. the good news is prices are expected to go down by the end of the year. meanwhile v-dot homes to make -- hopes to make thanksgiving travel easier. lane closures will be lifted across virginia to cutdown on backups. and look for 24 hour traffic info on v-dot's website to help avoid traffic congestion. metro is putting a plan into place to help people traveling to and from our three airports this thanksgiving holiday. travelers can take metro rail to reagan national. the transit agency will have extra buses on stand by for those going to dulles or bwi marshall. metro rail will operate on a sunday schedule on thanksgiving day and a regular week day schedule on friday. the agency said it will be ready to add extra trains on sunday if that's necessary. well before you head out this holiday, get a check of the traffic and the airport delays by heading to our website,
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click on the traffic tab once you're there. it was a purely circumstantial case. there was no eyewitness and no dna evidence but just before noon yesterday a verdict was reached in the chandra levy murder trial. roby chavez reports. >> reporter: it was a dramatic and anxiety-filled moment as the foreperson stood up and delivered the guilty verdict on two counts of murder. soon after ingmar guandique threw his headset down and stormed out of the courtroom. prosecutors and police praised the decision even if it took a while. >> it's been nearly ten years since the promise of a young life was lost in rock creek park. and while today's verdict does not restore that, today's verdict does send a message that it's never too late for a murderer to be held accountable for his crimes and never too late for justice to be served. >> it takes relentless commitment, and compassion and caring like i just discussed,
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that you never give up, regardless of criticism and mistakes, regardless of whatever, if you're going to bring just tis a family, you don't ever give up and that's what they did in this case. >> reporter: as the verdict was read, jurors were shaken and some wiped away tears. levy's another stared at guandique and later she called the verdict a miracle. >> there is always going to be a feeling of sadness. i'm not sure it's a sense of peace but i could tell you that it ain't closure. >> reporter: the verdict came after an 11 day trial and 3 and a half days of deliberation. chandra levy disappeared in may of 2001. her remains were found a year laettner rock creek park. there was evident that she was violently attacked, perhaps tied up. ingmar guandique was already serving time for attacking to other women in the park when detectives decided to take another close look at him.
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after court, prosecutors spoke directly to the courage of the levy family. >> our hearts go out to the levy family which has shown remarkable strength and courage throughout this ordeal. and while today's verdict will never give them back their daughter, we are hopeful that it gives them some level of comfort and aids them in moving forward. >> that was roby chavez reporting. defense lawyers did not talk after the verdict but have maintained all along that ground was a scape goat. his sentencing is scheduled for february 11th. meanwhile some jury members spoke publicly. while they would not discuss their deliberations, they said they carefully weighed the evidence before coming to a unanimous conclusion. >> we did the best we could with the evidence we were given to come to the conclusion of this case. >> i'm confident it was the
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decision that we made but it doesn't mean that i -- i don't wish that we didn't have to be here today. >> prosecutors won a conviction even though they lacked the dna evident. jurors say they did not effect their decision. they say there was still plenty of evident -- evident for conviction. we have everything you need to know on still ahead this morning, fire breaks out at a popular spot on the national mall. sarah? >> reporter: it's a popular gathering spot here on the national mall. among veterans. it's near the vietnam memorial and last night it went up in flames. details on this tragic story in a live report when i come back. allison? plus george washington university holds a very special thanksgiving feast. who they were thanking and honoring on this holiday. we're back in a moment. 
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some unfortunate news from the national mall this morning where a late-night fire has destroyed the pow-mia kiosk. >> that structure and everything in it are a total loss now. sarah simmons is live at the national mall with more. sarah, we've all seen this kiosk there many, many times over the years. >> reporter: certainly we have. and it is very sad news to hear about this. as you know, a lot of veterans come down here and trade stories, maybe after visiting the vietnam memorial, but as you can see back here, you can tell there is still yellow tape around it. it is now just a charred shell of what it once was. it's in the shadow of the lincoln memorial. if you take a look at the video, maybe that hasn't come down here has a better idea where it sits. it sits between the lincoln and vietnam memorial. it was at 11:00 last night that firefighters tell us they were called here due to a propane tank fire. and they say when they arrived the small building was engulfed
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in flames. they talked with the man here manning the building and he was able to describe to firefighters exactly what happened. >> we believe it was mechanical, accidental. we believe that the one occupant that was there may be doing something with a heating system, maybe a malfunction, but sadly and tragically it's a total loss. >> reporter: and it is a very tragic loss for many people. it's a fixture that has been here just about over 30 years. a lot of people that come down here, it's another place that people can pick up pins, trade patches and trade stories with other fellow veterans. so it is a huge loss for a lot of folks here. at this point they're still investigating but at this point it does appear as an accidental fire they are dealing with. and at this point, it's still unclear since it was something that was a volunteer effort
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that many people volunteered they're time here for, 24/7 they were here and it is too early to tell if they are going to rebuild at this point. live on the national mall, sarah simmons, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. an early thanksgiving feast at george washington university all to say thank you to veterans. the university hosted the luncheon for more than 100 veterans yesterday including some from walter reed, the navalal medical center and vincent hall retirement community. students joined them for lunch and one said it was amazing and much appreciated. food banks across the region need your help with food donations. they are vital during the holiday season. the executive director at the mana food center in montgomery county said 60% of its clients are new this year. this is a sure sign of the economic times. >> i hear from many of them that they have returned to work but many in a lesser capacity. so they're underemployed at
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this point. this year was interesting, we had less than 50 turkeys donated during the holidays. last year we saw close to 600. >> if you would like more information about mana food center, visit our website at you'll find it under local news. one of the wealthiest philanthropist is giving a huge boost to the food bank. william conway, jr., plans to donate $5 million to kick start construction of a new facility. he said he was moved to give after hearing news stories about the plight of the jobless and talking with homeless men near his office. but the capital area food bank still needs your help. fox 5 is proud to partner with them for stuff a truck. our annual food drive is set for friday december 10th. we'll share more as the date gets closer. president barack obama and his family have chosen one of their christmas trees.
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>> the douglas fur is nearly 20 feet tall and 17 years old. they selectd it from a farm in pennsylvania. so what makes a good tree? workers at that farm say proper fertilization and a lot of tender, loving care. >> when you do get a nice one, it just makes me think of all of the years you have put into it with fertilizing and sheering because how the tree looks depends on the person that maintains it. >> taking care of that tree for 17 years and it's just hard to believe that it could -- it's on its way to washington, d.c. >> now even though almost every room in the white house will have a tree, this one will go in the blue room and traditionally the tree in that room is considered the official white house christmas tree. you know the big day is just around the corner so holly is talking turkey this morning. holly? >> hey, tony. just look at that turkey simmering in that vat of fat.
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oh, yes, our third and final turkey recipe of the morning is. >> old southern deep fried turkey. we are live in the kitchen of zola this morning. we're going to give you turkey tips on how to fix your bird just in time for your own thanksgiving dinner. >> holly accent has become more subtle. and a look at today's trivia question. why was the barnam's animal box described with a string candle? was it for easy carrying, so the stores could hang it on the shelves or to hang it on the christmas tree or that was just the design. hopefully it's not d because that's anti-climactic. and you can take a guess on our facebook page. much more. don't go anywhere. 
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investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly house fire in northwest d.c. flames broke out late yesterday
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afternoon at this rowhouse along 16th and oak streets. d.c. fire sperms persons said crews arrived on the scene and when they tried to hook up the hydrant, it fell apart. and there was an accident involving one of the fire trucks. this did not delay fire fighting efforts they said. one man did die in the fire and one firefighter suffered minor injuries. montgomery county police are looking for a man who raped a 52-year-old woman in aspen hill. they've released a sketch of the suspect. the woman was walking on georgia avenue near huet avenue. she said the attacker forced her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her. anyone with information should call police. and police are looking for four men suspected of breaking into homes in chevy chase. it happened last month. investigators say during one break-in the suspect stole some credit cards and then used them as a mcdonald's restaurant in northwest d.c. police are
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offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the man's arrest. it will surely be the wedding of the decade. prince william and kate middleton has set a day for the royal nuptials. the date when we come back. and plus they are known for their sweet potato pie. now you can make this pie at home. henry soul cafe demonstrated the new sweet potato pie take- only kit. don't go anywhere. you don't want to miss it. plseg [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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i know you have all been waiting for this, tony and tucker. expect a royal wedding this spring. spring weddings are beautiful. buckingham palace has just announced -- >> and fall divorces are just as beautiful. >> and that will not happen in
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this marriage. and the buckingham palace has announced the wedding on april 29th at westminster abbey. that is the london church where queen elizabeth was married 1947 but also where the funeral for princess diana was at. >> and on his list to perform at his engagement party is snoop dogg. >> she looks good right there. >> they are actually a smart couple, as they say. they look wonderful together. >> they sure do. >> i remember way back in the day watching princess diana with my mom. i will probably watch that. >> it's history. you watch it. here is the only thing, i hope we don't hear about it every day from now until april 29th. >> we just reported it. >> we reportd it last week and again today. you will be hearing about it. >> i'm not one of those -- i
9:30 am
understand people are fascinated with the royal fak -- ily and i am not. we don't need to hear about her china pattern. >> i'm not talking about -- i'm talking about a big event, not camilla. my another watched the queen coronation and i watched princess di and then this. there is only three things. >> and i'm interested in it. >> no you are not. he is lying through his teeth. >> tucker has the most english blood. >> i'm fascinated by it. it was from a couple of hundred years ago. we'll talk about the forecast. and some showers. a couple of showers out there. >> you said it was going to happen. >> we mentioned a couple of scattered showers and sure enough. my day is complete.
9:31 am
hagerstown, a shower soon. and out towards front royal don't be surprised so see a shower pop up. so well off to the north and west of the city. in washington we're fine for the next couple of hours. and to be honest, the showers that come through later today are scattered in nature so we won't get a real wash out. but we have a cold front. let's push on and as that moves through during the next several hours we'll see cooler and drier air move in tonight. aup ahead of it, nice and mild ahead out there. and 58 degrees in downtown washington. 64 in fredericksberg. they will flirt with 70 later this afternoon so good looking weather for you. 58 in annapolis. 52 in frederick. should be a fine looking afternoon temperature wise as we continue to be under the southerly flow up ahead of the frontal system. so our temperatures are well above average later today. there is the front. notice the last couple of frames. it's nice and well organized and then it falls apart as it approaches the mountains. so that will be the theme around here. scattered showers in the afternoon forecast but then as we get into the nighttime, the
9:32 am
cooler and drier air will filter in and it will be cold overnight with temperatures falling back to about 40 or so. let's do the future cast and see what we can find. and again at 9:00 a.m., a couple of showers out to the west. later this afternoon in time for the commute, a few more scattered showers will fire up across the 95 corridor and pushing off to the south and east. and clearing out tonight. tomorrow looks fine with a lot of sunshine. and this takes us into thursday. and on thursday for thanksgiving, a lot of clouds around, a couple of light showers during the course of the day but most the day will be dry and then the main event, the rain will hold off until late thursday night and early friday morning. might interfere with shopping on friday morning. but generally speaking, not a bad looking forecast for the next day and a half or so as you'll be traveling tomorrow. 67 out there this afternoon.
9:33 am
that's right 67. enjoy. and increased cloudiness. winds out of the south and west 5-10. and there is your five-day forecast. cold tonight and 40 in town. 30s if you're outside of the beltway. 52 tomorrow and cool with plenty of sunshine but again good travel weather tomorrow up and down the eastern seaboard. thursday's weather is cloudy with a couple of showers for thanksgiving and then cooling down again toward the end of the week. highs only in the 40s by saturday. that's a look at the forecast. now over to tony and a very special guest. >> yes, in deed. thank you very much, tucker. do you want to spend time with family and friends instead of being stuck in the kitchen peeling and chopping and slicing and dicing? well our next guests have a product you'll be thankful for. the famous sweet potato pie from henry's famous soul cafe is available in a take-home kid. whether you say you made it yourself is up to you. henry joins us. good morning. my first question is are you crazy? you're making this easy for us to do ourselves at home? you know people will say i made this. this is my recipe. >> well actually you're helping us. because the reason this pie kit
9:34 am
was created because we could not keep up with the demand of baking them ourselves. because this is the busiest time of the year. this and including christmas. and we basically have to bake in the neighborhood of 20- 30,000 pies within a week's time. so because we don't have that type of time and oven space, we created a take-home kit to take away the 50 minutes to hour it takes to bake this particular pie in the ovens at our restaurant and you can take it home and make it yourself. but you're going to tell them you did it any way. >> bernard, tell me what we have here and what the ingredients are. because this looks really simple to do. >> well the main ingredient is love. >> and sweet potatoes. >> we have the pie shell here that you fill and then we have our famous recipe here. >> so this is already mixed and made. >> already mixed and made. easy as one two three.
9:35 am
pour the mix into the shell -- >> and it's premeasured, it's the right amount. >> we actually give you a little more because we know some people will waste a little bit. so you'll get a little more. >> no one is going to waste it. they'll eat some of it preparing it. >> and that's it. >> that's the whole thing. and that was step one. step two. third step is in the oven. >> and how long do you bake it? >> about 45 minutes for a lighter pie and about an hour for a little bit darker. some like them darker so it takes about an hour and they come out just as if baked in our home restaurant. and people love them. we did it to really help ourselves out. but i think it's a great thing to be able to have something on your table that you actually took a part in in doing yourself. so you're welcome to come into the restaurant and purchase the pie already bakes. but you're also welcome to come in and buy the kit. >> and as i'm sure you know, this will help you because you don't have to make as many as pies but you'll still have a
9:36 am
tons of people coming into the restaurant. >> we're shipping them now all across the country. we're in a deal right now with a major chain to have these kits in grocery stores across the country. >> very good. >> i think it will be a great thing for years to come. we've been doing this for 42 years, 17th and u. street location, 4th and k. street location and oxon hill and another location coming next year. >> next year in 2011. >> the website is henry's sweet potato >> and right now not in the major supermarkets but go to the website. and and what else are you doing for thanksgiving? anything new. >> you can come in henry's all of the time to get your turkey and fried chicken. >> is it too late to place an order? >> it's never too late. we're up all night. if you place your order we're going to try our best to fill
9:37 am
it. >> and how much is the pie kit? >> it is actually about 20% cheaper than buying the whole pie itself already baked. we give that little discount to kind of encourage you to take this so we can take some of the pain and pressure off of our hands but the pies are $9.95. >> that's fantastic and that's great. let's try it. and there is something else i wanted to ask. you put it in, you bake it -- oh, the key -- one of the keys is that you have to -- you can't pull it out of the oven and dive in. you have to let it sit. >> let it sit an hour before you decide to cut it because you don't want it falling apart. >> there you go. will link you to their website, henry's sweet potato pie and you can get your own pie and pretend you made it yourself and it's your recipe. thank you very much for coming. i appreciate it as always. and i'm going back to allison whose mouth is probably watering. >> save me a piece.
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i'll be right over. some people are preparing for black friday for a week. what they are taking home with them after their big shopping weekend. plus the big named guest stars keep coming to glee. a tv legend, his show -- it's the show tonight. we'll hear from carol burnett coming up next. and then here another look at the trivia question. why was the barnham cookies designed with the string handle? for easier caring, to hang it to hang it on your christmas tree or because it was the design. go to facebook and venture a guess if you'd like. we'll be back in a moment. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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listen up, the irs is trying to give away $164
9:42 am
million to taxpayers they haven't been able to reach. the money comes from more than 110,000 undelivered tax refund checks. so make sure the irs has your correct address -- it sounds like a scam. you can update your information with the where's my refund tool on the irs website. this is serious, folks. go to for details. the average undelivered refund check is worth nearly $1,500. very good. believe it or not, last friday two early shoppers in florida started camping outside of a best buy for black friday. lori davenport and a friend wanted to be first in line for holiday deals. it sounds crazy, but it paid off. yesterday the manager rewarded the women for being the first in the country to line up. they each received an i pad. how about that? >> fans of the hit show glee will finally learn why sue sylvester is the way she is. blame it on her another. carol burnett is the latest
9:43 am
celebrity to make an appearance. she'll play sue's mom, the famous nazi hunter. here is what she had to say about the character. >> what kind of woman is she? well i would say that she makes sue look like mother theresa. she is not a nice person. and passive-aggressive. and you kind of understand how sue became that character. >> catch carol burnett on an all new glee here on fox 5. she's always perfect. >> she's great. >> moms get the blame for people being messed up. but some moms help make their children wonderful people. >> don't you think most moms. >> most moms, absolutely. >> moms get a bad rap. >> for sure. tucker's mom, i don't know. holly has been cooking up -- >> he's near in the studio. >> her third turkey technique coming up next. don't go anywhere.
9:44 am
we're coming right back. m
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just want to show that allison has brought a slice of pie about 90 seconds ago and that's what is left. >> i seriously got it down. i hoovered it. it was good. okay. have you decided how to prepare your thanksgiving turkey? tucker, you don't laugh. you ate yours quickly too. >> i did. >> there are many ways to prepare your bird. >> holly morris is spending the morning with zola wine and spirits to learn their secrets. it has been cool. >> reporter: it has been cool. and the third and final way -- i'm going to call it well butter my bum and call me a discut, that's the bet dang turkey i ever ate. and we are doing old-fashioned
9:48 am
turkey frying. and we have moving over to the executive chef of stir food group. basting away that lard over the bird. >> without a doubt. there is no other way. >> reporter: so first and foremost, tell everybody why we moved over to this kitchen? >> we moved to this kitchen so we could get our fried turkey. over at zola wine and kitchen, our fr a turkey of this size. >> reporter: and here is the key. when we're talking about fried turkey, you either need to have a professional fryer or you never use it inside. use the contraptions outside because it can be dangerous, right? >> certainly can. >> reporter: so let's get the technique on frying turkey. >> fried turkey, you want to brine is overnight. and put that in a salt and water solution with whatever spices and seasonings you like. do that overnight and what that does is that helps incorporate and take out some of the
9:49 am
moisture but it reinforces the flavor and the other moisture in there and so that when you fry it it stays more moist. >> so when you take it out of the fryer, it's extremely hot. >> it is hot. >> reporter: and it doesn't take very long. that's one of the things, it's the quickest way to cook it. >> it is very fast. it takes about 3 minutes per pound on average. it turkey took us 48 minutes to cook. >> reporter: so this is what you do if you wake up late and guests are getting here and you don't have time. >> exactly. >> reporter: so carving it up. >> so we're going to do it a similar way. we're going it take that leg off first. look at that nice and moist. i found this is -- the legs on this, they just melt they are so good. >> reporter: and it is hard to beat the skin on fried turkey. >> all of the skin is all nice and crisp. so we take that off and dig down in here and knock the breasts off. we'll try this. and then i brought over the other turkey from over there to try. >> reporter: and so we can try
9:50 am
all three. and let's get that cut off and pull our other ones out of oven as well because we warmed them back up. and remind everyone they are having the classes at zola wine and kitchen. they are doing the desert one tonight and it's filling up quickly. tomorrow they are doing the turkey and three sides. everything you learn to make you take home. you can have your whole meal ready. and you have the turk-away. >> it is the best deal in town. you order up your bird, when you get a choice of five sides, some rolls and cranberry relish and gravy. one low price feeds eight. >> reporter: there you go. >> we can prepare it and cook it for you or have it oven ready. >> reporter: get these out of the oven. do keep in mind, you do need to order that today and you can pick it up tomorrow if you're interested in the turk-away. so just to review. the first way we cookd it?
9:51 am
>> was the modern which is this one right here. >> reporter: right. i forget what i called that one. i had good things. >> you did have great things. >> reporter: the modern and traditional. >> and then the traditional turkey. >> reporter: with all of the turkey options here. i remember. this is my oh, my gosh how did you fix that turkey. >> this one was the roasted. sorry for the mix-up. >> reporter: and this is the traditional which was, darn it, mine never tastes like that. and last but not least. and as i'm trying the fried, how do you fix your turkey, brian? >> i love the su-vieh and i love the fried. >> reporter: butter my bum and call me a biscuit, that is the best turkey i've ever tasted. excuse me for talking with my
9:52 am
mouth full. there is a lot of good turkey here. is our website. we have all of the recipes online. thank you so much for letting us be in your kitchen during this busy time and happy thanksgiving to everybody. pick the best bird you like and everybody will like it no matter how you fix it. back to you. >> coming in at number one. >> i'm so hungry. that looks good. and speaking of food, this morning for ask the weather guy the question was about almost home cooks. they don't make them any more. and this is some of dozens of foods that people remember that aren't made any more and we long for. my choice was fudgetown cookies made by a company called berries. they don't make them any more. tucker had something. >> double r burger at roy rogers. we had viewers write in and remind me. i used to have them every day. >> a lot of people writing into facebook telling you where to get a double r burger and what their missing foods are.
9:53 am
so you have some of these. >> i have some more entries from our facebook friends. let's get to it. there is more entries. danish go-rounds. elaine jackson brought it around and other viewers seem to agree these were good treats back in the 70s. i don't remember them. they're sort of like pop tarts but they were toaster pastries ab they tasted like a danish filled with fruit and a sweet glaze on top. they should bring that back, i don't remember that. >> meg mccormick misses vanilla cookie crisp cereal. i do remember this. i never ate these sugary cereals but i remember it. it's similar to cookie crisp except the cookies were smaller and vanilla flavored instead of chocolate chip. >> i was a foot loop guy. >> and then these crunch cookies. and they are hard to find in
9:54 am
stories. >> there is a version of that this still exists in spicy. >> cool. and this is a good one. jackie in alexandria e-mailed us about her shampoo she misses call "gee, your hair smells terrific." it had a strong scent. it stayed in your hair for hours. this is it. >> gee, your hair smells terrific. >> look at all of that hair back in the 70s. >> this is a spanish version of the commercial. i remember that well. and that's -- even when the woman would walk out of the room, that smell would linger. but it wasn't an unpleasant smell. >> not at all. no longer made in the united states but it's currently a hot seller in the philippines. there you go. >> now on our website at, we listed a website where you can find a lot of these things. it's -- i forget what it's called. it's home town so you can go there and check it out.
9:55 am
>> very cool. maybe there are some things on there that i forgot that i liked. >> and here is the funny thing. in researching all of this, you tube, there is everything on you tube. who is up loading gee my hair smells terrific commercials to you tube? >> thank goodness they are. we thank you. we are back in a moment with the answer to today's trivia question. first here is wendy williams with a look at what she's got coming up on her show today. wendy. >> wendy williams here. we have another great show for you today. cameron mathison is here from all my children and calle swag stops by and has the latest dance craze. i was about to do this. any way, it's the dougie. and plus movie critics jeffrey lyon stops by and talks about the holiday films. it's going to be a good show. the wendy williams show. i'll see you soon.
9:56 am
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9:58 am
following breaking news from northern virginia where
9:59 am
there is a stuck vre train. mechanical issues are effecting trains 238 and 332 is struck behind them. vre is getting cabs and buses to come to the scene and get passengers and take them to metro. now let's answer this morning's trivia question. why was its barnham's animal cracker box designed with a string handle. the answer, so the box could hang on the christmas tree. >> very nice. >> the cookie treats were introduced in 1902 as a christmas novelty and packaged so they could hang on the tree. i did not know that. >> they are so good. they are so good still. and why are they still around? >> because they are so -- it's simple. >> because people buy them. >> what kid doesn't like to bite the head off a bear. >> that's what i like. >> what kid doesn't like the cereal. >> cereals come and go. >> don't get attached to anything any more. >> kind of expensive. let's go over to the satellite radar picture and i'll show you the rain showers


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